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As there is little to find through the internet on the App Dragon Wizard +19, I hope to collect as much information as possible to help newcomers and current users find any knowledge they are searching for about this wonderful game. So please help by adding or editing anything you know!

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Dragon Wizard +19 is a popular free app for the I-pad and I-phone.  You can breed dragons, complete missions, battle other players and much more.  This wiki is to help other users by providing information about this game that cannot be found elsewhere.  Eventually, I hope to provide all the different dragon breeding combinations to help you create each and every single type of dragon, amongst other game information and connect users to build bigger and better alliances.

The game link to I-tunes:

The game link to Google play (Android)

When starting out, you will be asked for a code to get a special dragon.  Mine is VAEG9C, use it to get the egg and add me to your alliance to make your team more powerful.

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